Our Services

Our experienced legal team represents individuals and companies before the Judiciary, Public Prosecution and investigations. We have a qualified team with extensive experiences in local and international commercial arbitration cases as arbitrators in many accredited arbitration centers.

ASAS represents a lot of foreign companies that have agencies in Kuwait and also local agents. ASAS drafts and reviews agency agreements, distributorship agreements and franchise agreements. ASAS’s team advises clients on the enforcement of agency agreements, their registration and termination.

During the past decade the banking and finance industry has experienced rapid growth and commercial change, resulting in increased scrutiny by the regulatory bodies and extensive legislative reforms.
By combining legal and technical expertise with an in-depth understanding of the industry, ASAS advises a wide range of financial institutions, including major commercial and investment banks on all types of matters from routine financial transactions, through to complex specialist advice including commercial lending, special bank regulatory needs and project and equipment finance. We have vast experience in working with funders, borrowers, lenders, issuers, underwriters and other advisers.

As real estate develops into a truly global industry, ASAS provides its regional and international clients with comprehensive legal services and legal solutions on all aspects of real estate and construction laws, regulations and agreements in Kuwait.
ASAS has a very experienced team that works on construction related claims in construction government projects. ASAS team appears in front of Kuwaiti Expert Department in all stages of litigation to defend our construction clients’ claims.
We have a team of well qualified and highly experienced lawyers and legal consultants who are experts in the region on all aspects of property development, sales, acquisitions, leases, subleases, and the provision of security in real estate commercial, retail, industry and residential operations.
Our practice includes advising and drafting all property related documents including debentures, mortgages, and rental assignment, pre and post tender documents, concession contracts which includes contracts for the design, build and operation, engineering, construction and procurement contracts.
We represent and advise major public and private companies engaged in construction and real estate sector in the region.

ASAS's business advisory team has proven track record for generating creative and innovative solutions in a commercially suitable manner compatible with the applicable and prevalent laws and regulations in Kuwait.
ASAS's corporate advisory team consists of industry specialists in corporate laws and regulations in the region and advises on every aspect of corporate matters and business environment from incorporation to dissolution, from compliance to complex transactional matters.
With our extensive experience on the laws and regulations in Kuwait, we help our clients select and structure the most appropriate manner in which they could pursue their corporate and commercial interests in the region.
ASAS offers comprehensive legal services and legal solutions in the corporate and commercial fields.

ASAS provides all the consultations and advises various regional and international clients who are in the Kuwait development projects sector.
The enactment of the new Kuwaiti Public Private Partnership Law witnesses Kuwait's major shift and marks a new era for developmental projects with public-private partnerships.
Our qualified and highly experienced team is capable to assist on all aspects concerning development projects in the region starting from the pre-bid stage to post-bid and award, to implementation, construction, operation and management of the projects in the region.
Our services include complete legal analysis and assessment, ensuring legal feasibility, structuring the project from legal perspective, drafting and advising on all legal aspects of project documents and contracts, negotiations, claim and other dispute management and resolution.

ASAS has one of the strongest dispute resolution practice and bilingual capabilities compared to any other law firms in Kuwait.
Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced lawyers and legal consultants, with several Kuwaiti attorneys enjoying the right of appearance before the Kuwaiti courts.
We advise and represent clients on diversified, most effective and cost-efficient dispute resolution mechanisms based on the nature and gravity of the disputed matters and claims. Such dispute resolution mechanisms extend from conciliation, mediation, arbitration and litigation on complex civil, commercial and criminal disputes and claims.
ASAS offers its dispute resolution services to regional and international clients doing business in Kuwait.

ASAS represents lots of foreign companies from all nationalities that wish to conduct business in Kuwait. ASAS provides those companies with the best and most appropriate legal options to start their business in the State of Kuwait taking into consideration the client’s needs, expectations and purposes. ASAS assists clients in drafting relevant agreements, incorporation of companies in Kuwait (both WLL and KSCC), performing all the procedures in front of official bodies, drafting and reviewing Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholders Agreements and otherwise.

Every entity whether it be regional or international established and is doing business in Kuwait, requires advice and support from legal experts having in-depth knowledge in the region-specific laws and regulations in regards to employment and labour matters.
ASAS has extensive experience in the field of employment and labour matters and is dedicated to helping its clients become more proactive in all related matters to prevent legal issues before they arise.
ASAS provides comprehensive legal services to regional and international clients on all aspects of employment and labour matters in Kuwait on a regular basis. Our team consists of legal experts who are highly qualified and experienced practitioners in the specific matters of employment and labour matters in Kuwait.
We possess the knowledge and experience in handling complex employment and labour matters and we can deliver comprehensive legal services on every aspects with regards to this sector.

With the enactment of the New Kuwaiti Direct Investment Law, Kuwait has moved a step closer to its objective of assisting genuine foreign investors to make their direct business investments in the region. The new law provides the investors with ample and robust opportunities for foreign direct investment.
ASAS has extensive practice in the foreign direct investment sector and our qualified and well experienced team advises foreign clients on all aspects of foreign direct investment.
We provide complete legal services to foreign investors and clients which extend from providing legal consultation on the best manner of doing business in Kuwait, the establishment of an appropriate foreign entity and to all other aspects concerning the operation and management.

ASAS advises clients in regards to the importance of registration of trademarks in Kuwait before the start of any business and the relevant laws and regulations.

ASAS has extensive practice in the area of mergers and acquisitions and provides comprehensive legal services and legal solutions to regional and international clients, whether in their capacity as an acquirer, acquisition party, seller or buyer.
Our expert team in this area of practice provides effective and practical legal advice and solution to variety of client's concerns including questions concerning legal implication on business, their employees, the partner's stake in the company and all other matters.
Our areas of practice in this sector, in particular, includes providing strategic planning in the preparation of an acquisition, assistance in conducting the legal due diligence, inquiries, reviews and disclosures, preparation, reviews and negotiations of the transaction letter of intent, memorandum of understanding or heads of term sheet, share and/ or the asset purchase agreements and other transaction documents, preparation of all ancillary transaction agreements and documents such as amendment of articles and memorandum of associations, shareholders agreements, consulting and other agreements.
We also assist clients in the transformation of partnerships and corporations, mergers and consolidations, assets transfer, assistance in obtaining all the required governmental approvals as and when needed, company restructuring and optimizing the financial structure of the companies.

We provide a wide range of legal services and legal solutions in the oil and gas sector which includes advising on concessions, production sharing agreements and risk service contracts, oil field services contracts, project and structured financings, sales and marketing agreements, joint ventures, dispute resolution mechanisms, arbitration and litigation.
Our qualified and experienced team is capable and can assist clients on all aspects of business in this sector in the region.